Care & Cleaning of Anodised Parts

Anodising is surprisingly durable and resilient to corrosion. However, like its aluminium base, it is susceptible to strong alkalines, such as Lye or Sodium Hydroxide. It also can be damaged by strong acids, such as nitric or sulfuric. Beware of strong alkaline cleaners, which often contain ammonia or lye, as well as masonry or cement cleaners, which can contain strong acids.
Surprisingly, anodising is quite resistant to organic solvents. While alcohol or acetone will quickly remove ink from a permanent marker, for example, they will not damage or fade coloured anodizing, and can be excellent for cleaning purposes.

OK:  Alcohol, Mild soap/detergent, Acetone, MEK.

Not suitable:  Ammonia, Alkaline Cleaners, Lye, Strong Acids.